Our First Store opened in January 2012, in Haiku, Maui, Hawaii.
THE DEATHSTORE is a project of Doorway Into Light, a non-profit organization in Hawaii
dedicated to whole-hearted and sacred living and dying.
Since 2006 we have been educating, supporting and empowering families in end-of-life
and after-death care, and offering educational trainings and presentations.
Reverend Bodhi Be is the Executive Director of Doorway Into Light
and the Founder and President of  THE DEATHSTORE.
Doorway Into Light is a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance.

On January 24, 2013 THE DEATHSTORE, was certified as the first green funeral home in Hawaii
by the Green Burial Council.
THE DEATHSTORE obtained certification as a 3-leaf provider by meeting the most stringent
Green Burial Council standards for funeral home certification which include:
accommodating home vigils without embalming, offering the family of decedents the option of a public viewing without embalming, carrying at least three approved/rated burial containers, and making available the sanitation, preservation and restoration of a decedent
using only non-invasive techniques and materials.

The Green Burial Council is an independent, tax-exempt non profit organization working to encourage environmentally sustainable death care and the use of green burial
as a new means of protecting natural areas.
  There are approximately 300 Green Burial Council approved providers in North America.  (
Doorway Into Light's next steps are to help create natural burial grounds in Hawaii,
utilizing burial grounds as the economic engine to protect, restore and reforest lands in Hawaii. 

OUR GOODS are carefully chosen for their quality and their environmental standards.
Whenever possible, we feature goods made by local artists and crafters.

are offered to support and assist individuals, families and communities
in all aspects of end-of-life and after-death care,
and with the issues, decisions and emotions encountered.

Resources, Tools, Education, Assistance, Support and Counsel
in a supportive and open environment
We have a lending library of books, CDs and DVDs;
a reference library; a book store, and home funeral supplies.
Our free hand-outs include advance health directives and durable power of attorney forms.


 To speak to the largest definition of “Sustainable Living”
we must identify the “death phobia” in our culture,
where aversion, denial and avoidance are the norm. 
This shows up across all demographics.

 That relationship to our approaching death can only lead to “life-phobia”,
the inability and unwillingness to be fully alive, because to be fully alive requires an honest
and living relationship to our approaching death.  We will die and we don’t know when. 
Everyone we know will die and we don’t know when.

 Our death phobia, coupled with most of us having moved our residence a number of times, as well as having lost any real connection to our ancestors…. leaves us as orphans and homeless.
Add to this, our disconnect from the “holy”.

This causes a  “hole” in our being-ness, leaving us desperately hungry and needy.

Without acknowledging this hole, we will continue to “consume the earth”, being hard on the people around us, and all other life, even when we’re all recycling and driving electric cars.

 THE DEATHSTORE is a response to this death-phobia/ life-phobia.

 As well, it is a step towards reclaiming what we, as a community, have given away.

By having given away the caring for our dying and dead to institutions and industry,
community work has become big business.

We have robbed ourselves of important soul work and community work, hindered our ability to grieve, and further separated ourselves from the natural world.

We have diminished death to something to be dealt with, a medical event,
rather than a sacred and powerful time.

 THE DEATHSTORE seeks to re-invent and revolutionize the funeral home and the funeral industry, transforming the “business of dying” and returning it to “sacred service”, bringing forth options for end-of-life care and after-death care that are holistic, environmentally sustainable, community
and family based, and spiritually inclusive.

 In bringing it forth as a “store”, prominent in the marketplace, that offers most services offered by a funeral home, and as a “resource center”, useful before someone dies,
we intend to stimulate and elevate the cultural conversation on aging, dying and death.

The hardware store, the shoe store, the clothing store, the grocery store, the death store.

Bringing dying and death into our everyday “commons”.

 There is madness and imbalance afoot in the world and a revolution in consciousness is called for.    THE DEATHSTORE is a response to this call.

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